A conversation with Jacob Martinez, Founder and Executive Director of Digital Nest

Jacob Martinez, Founder and Executive Director of Digital NEST.
Jacob Martinez, Founder and Executive Director of Digital NEST.
Jacob Martinez, Founder and Director of Digital NEST. Digital NEST is a workforce development hub that helps young people in rural communities find well-paying jobs.

Striking the right balance between data and narrative.

Narrative + Visuals = Engage Clear and concise communication along with impactful visualization draws the audience in and grabs their attention. This visual portrays the actions of staying nimble and thinking outside the box. It sets the tone for our story. Illustration by Veronika Hammond

Creating Career Pathways Through Tech Apprenticeships

The Domino Sugar Factory was one of several sugar factories located in Northern Brooklyn. Having once produced more than half the sugar consumed in the US in the early 20th century, this NYC landmark represents the industrial waterfront this area was. Photo: Paul Raphaelson

Addressing Racial Inequity Using Data

Debunking the Intuition/Analysis False Dichotomy

Picture of an engine and how the spark plug is important.
Picture of an engine and how the spark plug is important.
Ben Jones’ comparison of human intuition being a spark plug is a great metaphor. Spark plugs play an important role in how your car functions. Without properly working spark plugs, your car more than likely wouldn’t be able to run at all. Likewise, intuition is the spark plug that ultimately keeps your organization moving. Photo Credit: Cars 24

What a career journey looks like at the intersection of print and digital media.

Photo of Vince Dixon, Data Journalist
Photo of Vince Dixon, Data Journalist
Vince Dixon is a data visualization reporter at Eater where he works with storytellers to visualize data about food and the restaurant industry. He previously was a news applications fellow at ProPublica and holds a MS in Interactive Publishing from Northwestern University.

Exploring America’s past and future metaphorically through dendrochronology

Pedro Cruz and his colleagues from Northeastern University created a “dendrographic” that portrays the United States as a living organism that highlights its diversity. This visualization has won two awards at the 2018 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. It won gold in the People, Language & Identity category and the main prize for most beautiful visualization. Illustration — Northeastern University

What coaching young soccer players taught a sales executive.

Meet Pasquale — He is a sales executive who quarterbacks a client team to help enterprise businesses fight cyber-crime by providing products to help protect their data. When he’s not empowering his clients, he’s empowering young people through the “beautiful game” of soccer. Pasquale generously shared words of wisdom that can be universally applied to current and future roles.

The importance of tracing back where we came from to know where we are headed.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade dashboard maps out the voyages of the slave trade that disrupted the lives of 12.5M enslaved African people over the course of 400 years. The author, Spencer Baucke, created it to challenge our perspective and understanding of ourselves and society.

Flourish CEO talks about data journalism and new ways of telling stories with data

Duncan Clark is the CEO of award-winning visualization studio Kiln which incubated Flourish. Duncan is passionate about data journalism and aspires for Flourish to enable his clients to create high-end visualizations.

Lessons learned from a non-linear career journey

Siddharth Dayama discusses data visualization and his “non-linear” career journey. One interesting thing I learned about Sid is that he takes flying lessons. He explains that cruising at 8,000 feet incites his love for geo-spatial mapping and that he gets some of his best visualization ideas after completing a lesson.

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Creating transcendent stories that share the importance of data narratives and how they impact our world. Twitter: @aldatavizguy

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